US indices try to extend biweekly profits

It has been another green open on Wall Street, with bids hitting the U.S. indices with regularity. For the first hour of trade, stocks are headed north, led by gains in the DJIA(+135), S&P 500 SPX(+18), and NASDAQ(+38). The rally marks the fourth straight bullish session, with prices extending both monthly and weekly gains.

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United States indices In red numbers (down)

It has been a rough open on Wall Street, featuring all three major U.S. indices trading in the red. For the first hour, losses in the DJIA(-80), S&P 500(-12) SPX, and NASDAQ(-38) have been the story. Following the dovish tone of Wednesday’s FOMC Minutes, many investors were expecting strength early on in today’s session. This has not been the case.
One thing to watch as the day wears on is the relative volatility of the markets themselves. In comparison to the action of late 2018, the opening drop in U.S. stocks is not necessarily a paradigm-shifting event. It is very possible that the U.S. indices reverse course and erase the early losses by the closing bell.

During the U.S. pre-market hours, two jobs reports hit the wires. First, Continuing Jobless Claims (Dec. 28) came in at 1.722M, above projections. Initial Jobless Claims (Jan. 4) fell to 216K, lagging estimates of 225K. In total, the reports were mixed and indicate that there has been no real change to the U.S job market to…


The previous year ended in an economic atlas to cryptocurrency, given that a general decline caused a great recovery in this mining factory. One of the big questions that investors ask in the financial market is the act of cryptocurrencies in 2019, because everything seems to train that it will be a decisive year for it to be sustainable in the future merged.

According to the pomegranates of the plot, this 2019 will be an ideal setting for the support of cryptocurrencies, especially to notice the behavior. They clarify the doubts and fears of the histriones. Another script of the multipliers that will be decisive in this 2019 is that the condemnation of real estate has many alternatives programmed during this year, which makes the cryptocurrency market more attractive.

One of the suspicions that keeps this market vital is the lure performed to 2018 Nasdaq, the pouches of inscription of the globe’s largest technology, which guarantees that in the outback months of this new year a mark…

Improve your FINANCES Starting to save from home

Some Ocaciones think that our house or home is only the understanding where we live and spend days but nevertheless when we get our bills we can think that it truly becomes a root of edible costs and repair.

If you had the opportunity to keep an account for a whole year of what you invest and spend in your home, you will realize that a large part of the salary you receive is invested in it. For this reason, today we want to give you some tips that can help you reduce costs, which improves your finances and alleviates the maintenance of your home.

The energy saving light bulbs are more expensive than the usual candles, however your habit will guarantee a great saving of metal. In addition, it must rule some menstruations internally of people so that it loses the use of transmitting the burning luminescence forever.

The waste of water has become not only bad for the planet, but also for the family budget, any water tap or damaged key that has can significantly affect the family budget.…

Is it still time to INVEST in BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is the largest and most ambiguous cryptocurrency digital market, which is used to exchange goods and services. There is no doubt about the advantages it has over other digital currencies that exist in the market is its efficiency and ease of exchange. Although in spite of everything, the big question nowadays is if it is good to invest in Bitcoin.

Actually, the cryptocurrency market is now fluctuating, at the end of the previous year, the collapse that occurred in this universe was extremely representative, although, we leave you two glimpses, one vital and another not so much for Bitcoin in this year 2019 .

According to the analyst Todd Gordon, this cryptocurrency will have a very important fall in this year 2019 to then have a rebound of $ 10,000. Although it is simply an opinion that many economists do not share, but that makes everyone think if it is time to invest buying this digital currency. On the other hand, Kaspersky Lab, a manufacturer of security software, has a d…

Best investment recommendations with your money (capital)

So we must be very aware of that, when you enter a business where you have the possibility of earning a lot of money it is because another possibility of losing a lot is also open.

One of the keys of an investment is to have knowledge of the term in which you expect to see the profits, there are businesses where the first month profits are perceived and others that we can see them in about ten years later. It is important that you have the exact vision of this subject so that afterwards you do not feel disappointed.

Never make your investment without knowing what you are doing, it is important to train before investing in what you plan to do, the more you know about the subject, the more likely you are to succeed. Avoid being in a hurry in any decision you make, an investment can be a lifelong issue, so leave the hurry and do not rush. You need to think about what you are going to invest, do not risk your capital or your family’s capital, the ideal is not to invest what you have, but…


FOREX, also known as currencies, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market of all currencies that are traded worldwide. Forex is the largest global market, with daily operations that exceed 5 trillion dollars. however other stock markets in the world as a whole do not come close to this. But then what does this mean? Investigate a little closer to forex trading and you will see interesting trading strategies that other types of investments do not have.

Forex has authentic characteristics compared to other financial markets, because it does not have a centralized location. It is also a market based on a computerized electronic network that allows financial institutions, banks, public and private investors and companies, among other economic branches, to be in the buying and selling of currencies. That is why Forex does not have hours and operates 24 hours a day next to the main global financial centers. In the beginning, the only way that a private investor had to work i…