There is great difficulty in the dependencies of the universe behind the commercial scuffle between the United States and China, which began in the committees that the ministry of Donald Trump has raised to bet new rates on the goods that are exported from the east of the town. .

This economic war that has begun between these two countries has been threatened by economic growth in many regions of the world and has been the largest means of communication, an important risk factor for some investors, which could undoubtedly stop. Some investments for this new year.

The good news came in the last month of 2017, was the agreement for the president of the United States, Donald Trump and China, Xi JInping, postponed the decision to apply these new rates for at least 90 days, to take into account what what will happen. happen in this time By the way, a meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the framework of the summit of the Group of 20, representing the first meeting between the two leaders. It should be borne in mind that it is only an agreement to postpone it, but there is still fear of what will happen in these three months of July, which is why many economists fear for the behavior of the market in 2019.

Recall that after President Trump announces the decision that his government will increase tariffs for Chinese products, China will announce the imposition of new taxes that will affect US exports. The consultation on the commercial war began in mid 2018. What has been affected The decline in media exports. The region. 2019 will clarify many doubts in this matter.

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