Improve your FINANCES Starting to save from home

Some Ocaciones think that our house or home is only the understanding where we live and spend days but nevertheless when we get our bills we can think that it truly becomes a root of edible costs and repair.

If you had the opportunity to keep an account for a whole year of what you invest and spend in your home, you will realize that a large part of the salary you receive is invested in it. For this reason, today we want to give you some tips that can help you reduce costs, which improves your finances and alleviates the maintenance of your home.

The energy saving light bulbs are more expensive than the usual candles, however your habit will guarantee a great saving of metal. In addition, it must rule some menstruations internally of people so that it loses the use of transmitting the burning luminescence forever.

The waste of water has become not only bad for the planet, but also for the family budget, any water tap or damaged key that has can significantly affect the family budget. You must learn to limit the use of heaters and air conditioners.

It is considered that the ideal temperature for a house is 20%. Studies show that each grade that affects can increase the cost of the service by 1%. It is important to check the telephone service you are currently hiring. There is a lot of competition in the market and it is advisable to choose the one with the best rates, with the best price / service ratio. If your house is large, the maintenance is also excellent, so if you have a room where you have finished, it is advisable to rent it to get an additional income, which never goes wrong.

Try to use public transport and do not use your car to go anywhere, you should limit your use for emergencies or go for a walk. And if it is necessary to use it, try to do it with a moderate speed, controlling the acceleration, which guarantees a prolonged useful life of the engine.

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