Is it still time to INVEST in BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is the largest and most ambiguous cryptocurrency digital market, which is used to exchange goods and services. There is no doubt about the advantages it has over other digital currencies that exist in the market is its efficiency and ease of exchange. Although in spite of everything, the big question nowadays is if it is good to invest in Bitcoin.

Actually, the cryptocurrency market is now fluctuating, at the end of the previous year, the collapse that occurred in this universe was extremely representative, although, we leave you two glimpses, one vital and another not so much for Bitcoin in this year 2019 .

According to the analyst Todd Gordon, this cryptocurrency will have a very important fall in this year 2019 to then have a rebound of $ 10,000. Although it is simply an opinion that many economists do not share, but that makes everyone think if it is time to invest buying this digital currency. On the other hand, Kaspersky Lab, a manufacturer of security software, has a different view of the behavior of bitcoin and considers that its outlook is very unfavorable for the whole year 2019.

Noting that its price falls during all months and considering that the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment will also decrease. The truth is that, for this new year, the behavior of this cryptocurrency is uncertain, since it is unpredictable for us what its value or behavior will really be.

It combines the bearish trend that remained in 2018 with some optimistic projections that always think that at any moment this cryptocurrency will explode in the market to reach unimaginable values. Is it time to invest? Impossible to consider on this question, Bitcoin is a setback for investors, who will probably trust their noses and knowledge. There will be a permanent crawl of the cryptocurrency to determine a potential investment.

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