FOREX, also known as currencies, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market of all currencies that are traded worldwide. Forex is the largest global market, with daily operations that exceed 5 trillion dollars. however other stock markets in the world as a whole do not come close to this. But then what does this mean? Investigate a little closer to forex trading and you will see interesting trading strategies that other types of investments do not have.

Forex has authentic characteristics compared to other financial markets, because it does not have a centralized location. It is also a market based on a computerized electronic network that allows financial institutions, banks, public and private investors and companies, among other economic branches, to be in the buying and selling of currencies. That is why Forex does not have hours and operates 24 hours a day next to the main global financial centers. In the beginning, the only way that a private investor had to work in forex was through an intermediary of some bank, whose entity towards the transaction with the investor

¿What is a broker?

FOREX BROKER is an agent that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, usually charging a commission. A broker also requires a license to perform such work, covers different branches including customs, financial, energy, insurance, real estate, to name a few, on the other hand, it is responsible for giving advice related to the business or financial, especially the most recommended is to use high-risk brokers. prestige since they have very useful tools when it comes to investing or doing forex business
On the other hand, an ONLINE BROKER allows the purchase / sale of currencies, securities and other types of investment products. The only difference between a traditional broker and an online broker is the use of the web as their strategy to facilitate interaction with their users. therefore the web is an interface for the user since it is the perfect platform to offer information and advice related to the needs of the best known users such as traders

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